Getting Started


Download and install from Android market. (If you have SHARP's device that have pedometer, Please use "Walttend Lite for SH".)
Install1 Install2


Open the Callbration from the menu. (This is not needed for "Walttend Lite for SH".)
Calibration1 Calibration2


Adjust the sensor to measure the value of the center. beause of accelerometer core values ​​are different for each devices. Place it on a flat device. And then "Calibrate Sensor" button to start the measurement. After the measurement, any angle in the device, verify that the value has become the center of the graph.
Calibrate Sensor1 Calibrate Sensor2 Calibrate Sensor3 Calibrate Sensor4

Threshold of Accelerometer

This is setting of threshold for a count. Note that. if value is too small, Erroneous Counts will be increased, and if value is too big, It will not count. Please set the value to fit his foot in practice.
Calibrate Sensor1

Minimum Interval

Specifies the minimum interval to be counted as a step in milliseconds. Usually, Human walk 2 to 4 steps per seconds, So it will be 100 to 500 milliseconds.
Minimum Interval1 Minimum Interval2

Web Sync

Open the Web Sync from the menu.
Web Sync1 Web Sync2

Setup Sync

Initially, it has become unregistered. Open the Setup Sync from the menu.
Web Sync Setup1 Web Sync Setup2
Get the PIN by pressing the "Get PIN". Web browser will open. If you did not login to Google Account, login to it.
Web Sync Setup3 Web Sync Setup4
The PIN will be displayed. Remember(or copy) the PIN. Then get back to Walttend, and fill the PIN to the field. Press "Apply button", It will complete the setup of Web Sync. You will able to see username in Account field. (This username is auto generated from account name. You can change this from web site.)
Web Sync Setup3 Web Sync Setup4

Running the Web synchronization

Synchronization is performed by pressing the "Update status" button. When synchronization complete, the icon changes as mark of checked. If you setup multiple devices on same account, each devices will share values. If you learn more, see tips. (The automatic synchronization feature is not implemented yet. please synchronization from this screen.)
Web Sync execute1 Web Sync execute2 Web Sync execute3

Start Recording

Recording is started by pressing the "Start Recording", the counter is displayed on the screen. If Swinging device, Number of steps will be counted. (Devices of SHARP has preventing erroneous count feature. About 10 steps will be counted late)
Start recording1 Start recording1